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Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. —Abraham Lincoln

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[08:46:27] Bill Edenflower: hello Ina
[08:51:00] Ina Centaur: hi!
[08:51:35] Bill Edenflower: hi Ina, how are you today?
[08:51:35] Ina Centaur: still waiting for the others... feel free to IM/TP others who might be interested
[08:51:45] Ina Centaur: i'm well - how are you?
[08:51:55] Bill Edenflower: well, also
[08:52:08] Bill Edenflower: if Polly comes on I will call her
[08:52:24] Bill Edenflower: but she doesn't usually come on till later
[08:52:57] Bill Edenflower: Mia, i think is busy with school work
[08:53:53] Bill Edenflower: are you still all involved with you skin and avatar work?
[08:54:20] Ina Centaur: a bit, though i don't have much time for that nowadays
[08:54:24] Ina Centaur: why do you ask?
[08:54:53] Bill Edenflower: oh, no reason, just seems to be a talent requiring great skill and patience
[08:56:19] Bill Edenflower: are you expecting many people for the meeting?
[08:56:53] Bill Edenflower: hello Carrie
[08:56:57] Carrie Pennell: Hi Bill
[08:57:12] Carrie Pennell: everything still rezzing
[08:57:26] Bill Edenflower: yes, takes a while sometimes
[08:57:32] Bill Edenflower: hello Rusalka
[08:57:40] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[08:57:55] Bill Edenflower: do you both know Ina?
[08:57:57] Ina Centaur: hi, welcome!
[08:58:00] Carrie Pennell: No..
[08:58:04] Carrie Pennell: but ...Hi Ina.
[08:58:05] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[08:58:07] Rusalka Writer: No, my first time meeting anyone here.
[08:58:10] Ina Centaur: not sure how many to expect for hte meeting... but the more the merrier of course!
[08:58:18] Bill Edenflower: oh, Ina is the director of the museum
[08:58:22] Carrie Pennell: I know.
[08:58:24] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[08:58:25] Ina Centaur: @resalka yes, primtings, like many SL sim... is its own island...
[08:58:26] Rusalka Writer: Always up for a dawn meeting.
[08:58:49] Carrie Pennell: You really are from hawaii?
[08:58:51] Ina Centaur: 9 am fits for euro folks... although i think we're all usa here?
[08:59:00] Carrie Pennell: Yeah...New England for me.
[08:59:06] Rusalka Writer: Middle of the Pacific here. Waiting for the sun.
[08:59:27] Bill Edenflower: ah, i am mid way, i am in San Francisco
[08:59:36] Carrie Pennell: One of my favorite places
[08:59:40] Rusalka Writer: Very nice.
[08:59:44] Bill Edenflower: ha ha mine too
[08:59:49] Ina Centaur: wow, you're in san fran too!
[09:00:07] Rusalka Writer: Got there on book tour a couple of years ago. Great city.
[09:00:35] Bill Edenflower: my goodness, ina is a great hostess
[09:00:45] Carrie Pennell: abracadabra
[09:00:45] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[09:00:47] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:00:52] Bill Edenflower: hi Dage
[09:00:52] Ina Centaur: (rezzed a few cushions btw! feel free to sit!)
[09:01:47] Rusalka Writer: Ah, cozy.
[09:01:53] Bill Edenflower: ha ha ha Ina is like my wife Polly, wherever i am i find myself moving
[09:02:17] Dage Yven: hi Bill, hi All
[09:02:23] Carrie Pennell: Hi Dage
[09:02:30] Carrie Pennell: This is RL I never lounge
[09:02:32] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:02:46] Dage Yven: Hi Carrie
[09:02:54] Ina Centaur: lol well on SL, these lounge chairs are also a bit utilitarian - they're 1 prim sculptedmagic!
[09:02:56] Rusalka Writer: All I do is lounge.
[09:03:01] Ina Centaur: hi!
[09:03:48] Ina Centaur: well, i think we have a good quorum to start..
[09:03:48] Avril Vallejo: Hello
[09:04:07] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[09:04:15] Bill Edenflower: Hello Avril
[09:04:24] Carrie Pennell: Hi Avril.
[09:04:24] Ina Centaur: hi!
[09:04:24] Avril Vallejo: Hello
[09:04:32] Ina Centaur: feel free to sit!
[09:04:45] Ina Centaur: let's go around with introductions
[09:05:25] Ina Centaur: tell us how you first found primtings and a bit about your background, and one cool thing you'd like primtings to do in 2011
[09:05:47] Carrie Pennell: Well....
[09:05:55] Bill Edenflower: hello Wildstar
[09:06:01] Wildstar Beaumont: hello !
[09:06:02] Carrie Pennell: I found it through being told one of one of the paintings
[09:06:05] Ina Centaur: (incidentally, this meeting is being auto-transcripted @ the link above!)
[09:06:06] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[09:06:14] Carrie Pennell: came here...and was astounded
[09:06:17] Bill Edenflower: ok
[09:06:21] Carrie Pennell: I'm not an artist, but a writer
[09:06:32] Carrie Pennell: One thing..?
[09:06:35] Carrie Pennell: Hmm
[09:06:39] Carrie Pennell: I'd have to think on that.
[09:07:11] Dage Yven: why - a writer is an artist too :)
[09:07:12] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): why - and the writer is an artist too:)
[09:07:17] Carrie Pennell: true..
[09:07:37] Carrie Pennell: draw with words
[09:07:44] Carrie Pennell: but I'd rather be a visual artist
[09:07:53] Bill Edenflower: so why don't you?
[09:08:03] Dage Yven: colours - for exemple :)
[09:08:03] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): colors - for example:)
[09:08:09] Carrie Pennell: I cannot connect to my vision to my ...
[09:08:11] Carrie Pennell: soul
[09:08:11] Dage Yven: in words
[09:08:24] Bill Edenflower: just do anything and it will come
[09:08:29] Carrie Pennell: I have
[09:08:33] Carrie Pennell: and it doesn't
[09:08:34] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:08:39] Carrie Pennell: but I'm a hell of a writer
[09:08:45] Bill Edenflower: ok
[09:08:57] Dage Yven: aha - well, well... :)
[09:09:01] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): Aha - well, well ... :)
[09:09:36] Ina Centaur: i'm a bit of both... describing something visual with words is usually too ambiguous for some things, but then again, when something's open to interpretation...
[09:09:47] Carrie Pennell: right
[09:10:02] Bill Edenflower: you know, you asked what i would like to see more of
[09:10:07] Dage Yven: set for convention
[09:10:20] Dage Yven: ars poetica
[09:10:22] Ina Centaur: well, so carrie's background is in writing.. what about the rest of you guys - where are you coming from?
[09:10:31] Bill Edenflower: i think it would be interesting to join some of the arts
[09:10:49] Ina Centaur: we could hold poetry jams @ primtings - should definitely hope that some exhibits here might inspire!
[09:10:57] Bill Edenflower: i am a teacher so not invoved with the arts directly
[09:11:02] Dage Yven: good
[09:11:10] Rusalka Writer: Novelist. Undergraduate degree in art, design school, graduate degree in screenwriting from UCLA.
[09:11:21] Bill Edenflower: what if we combined poetry, music, writing and art?
[09:11:28] Rusalka Writer: US 2012 Olympic Unemployment Team.
[09:11:29] Avril Vallejo: Physicist here
[09:11:39] Dage Yven: ho ho - great
[09:11:44] Dage Yven: :)
[09:11:45] Rusalka Writer: What area of physics?
[09:11:46] Bill Edenflower: for example feature one exhibit and do a full treatment of it
[09:12:04] Avril Vallejo: terorethical physics...
[09:12:10] Rusalka Writer: Excellent.
[09:12:17] Ina Centaur: resulka... well, but it looks like you're close to being pretty well piled up ;-) lots of credentials there, good for grantwriting to help a virtual art museum!
[09:12:18] Avril Vallejo: relativity
[09:12:31] Rusalka Writer: I'm reading Shing-Tung Yau's book just now.
[09:12:41] Ina Centaur: avril: oh yay join the club. although i've been on hiatus from that for a bit
[09:12:42] Dage Yven: it's Theater - temple for Art
[09:12:46] Rusalka Writer: Never wrote a grant.
[09:13:00] Ina Centaur: always a first ;-)
[09:13:05] Rusalka Writer: Oy.
[09:13:10] Carrie Pennell: Me either. I've been on NGO researcher
[09:13:51] Ina Centaur: researcher?
[09:14:08] Carrie Pennell: Yes. I am an administrator and research librarian by day
[09:14:12] Carrie Pennell: harvard trained
[09:14:21] Carrie Pennell: so...research is a skill
[09:14:36] Melusina Parkin: hello everyone :)
[09:14:37] Rusalka Writer: Is that the Widner?
[09:14:39] Ina Centaur: could also help with grant writing? ;-)
[09:14:41] Carrie Pennell: yes
[09:14:41] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[09:14:43] Carrie Pennell: Widener
[09:14:44] Dage Yven: hello
[09:14:44] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:14:46] Carrie Pennell: not there now
[09:14:46] Bill Edenflower: hello Melusina
[09:14:47] Avril Vallejo: Hello
[09:14:47] Rusalka Writer: Ah.
[09:14:48] Wildstar Beaumont: hello
[09:15:02] Rusalka Writer: My sister went to Harvard. Beautiful place.
[09:15:03] Carrie Pennell: Hi Melusina
[09:15:10] Carrie Pennell: Yes, it is
[09:15:13] Ina Centaur: (hi!)
[09:15:24] Melusina Parkin: :) hi!
[09:15:28] Ina Centaur: beautiful crimson yes.. although the weather's quite harsh
[09:15:43] Carrie Pennell: Yeah, Like Connecticut which is where I am now
[09:15:49] Rusalka Writer: But the campus is entirely surrounded by beer, which I like.
[09:15:51] Carrie Pennell: 4 inches of ice, at the moment
[09:15:56] Carrie Pennell: Beer...ha!
[09:16:00] Ina Centaur: lovely density of intellectuals there - but then again, the extreme summers and snowy winters...
[09:16:03] Avril Vallejo: brrrrrrr
[09:16:11] Rusalka Writer: Think I'll stay on Kauai. Always beer weather.
[09:16:23] Dage Yven: bear - it is it! :)
[09:16:30] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:16:33] Ina Centaur: california's like that too!!
[09:16:34] Ina Centaur: lol
[09:16:42] Bill Edenflower: yes, so it is
[09:17:01] Rusalka Writer: We're having a cold snap. It might not make it to eighty today.
[09:17:33] Rusalka Writer: So, what's the museum going to do about mesh when it comes?
[09:17:35] Ina Centaur: mmm about 60ish in san fran here
[09:17:55] Ina Centaur: mesh is going to rock... assuming it ever comes to the main grid
[09:18:01] Bill Edenflower: it will probably be a bit warmer this afternoon
[09:18:01] Rusalka Writer: I have been on the Mesh Beta for about a year. That's coming along sooner or later.
[09:18:10] Ina Centaur: there are some issues about how to deal with the grandfathered exhibits - ie those created by artists no longer with us
[09:18:21] Avril Vallejo: I have heard around May
[09:18:25] Carrie Pennell: who holds the copyright?
[09:18:36] Ina Centaur: well, i have a feeling mesh is something like a ruse to keep creators attached to SL, when there are many other opportunities out there
[09:18:56] Ina Centaur: and there are a few primtings that are rather classicly done with classic non-sculpted prims..
[09:19:06] Rusalka Writer: Wait till you see the avatars.
[09:19:13] Melusina Parkin: heppy to here this, Ina
[09:19:19] Melusina Parkin: happy*
[09:19:22] Carrie Pennell: you have contact with the Lindens in SF?
[09:19:40] Ina Centaur: copyright's an interesting question. it's a SL interpretation of an RL artwork, so the copyright extends by art intervention... now if that same piece of art were re-made...
[09:20:07] Rusalka Writer: We need to encourage the kind of creation that can only happen in this kind of setting.
[09:20:15] Carrie Pennell: I agree.
[09:20:39] Ina Centaur: been in mesh since the private beta - well, progress there has stopped when they kicked qarl off the team. i have a feeling that the mesh public beta will be all that ever comes of it
[09:20:41] Carrie Pennell: Although....displays of loved paintings that people can interact with is ahuge draw
[09:21:23] Rusalka Writer: There might be a new base avatar coming out of mesh. With the feet on the correct feet and everything.
[09:21:32] Ina Centaur: resulka - possibly spontaneous creation events, although those are rather haphazard typically... impromptu creation of poetry music build
[09:21:56] Rusalka Writer: It's hard to anticipate the creative urge.
[09:22:12] Bill Edenflower: could i make a most minor suggestion?
[09:22:13] Ina Centaur: oh, with mesh, you can create *any* avatar
[09:22:21] Ina Centaur: it's just upload a mesh, then wear it over your SL av
[09:22:38] Rusalka Writer: My favorite I've made is an iron cage body.
[09:22:41] Ina Centaur: bill - yes, the floor's open
[09:22:49] Dage Yven: haha
[09:23:21] Ina Centaur: yup, mesh allows for a whole range of avatar possibilities...
[09:23:21] Bill Edenflower: well, regardless of the medium, all of it has no value without public involvement
[09:23:32] Ina Centaur: better looking humanoid avatar noses being something to look fwd to!
[09:23:50] Ina Centaur: ah.. PR!
[09:23:51] Avril Vallejo: /me nods
[09:24:04] Rusalka Writer: And lower vertex counts. These are all 6,000 . I've got a better one that's 2,500.
[09:24:12] Bill Edenflower: well, not really PR but practical, real things
[09:24:12] Carrie Pennell: You know...I know someone who did a lot of early work on the Frank Lloyed Wright museum...and intersected well with the Boston Linden office
[09:24:23] Carrie Pennell: she's withdrawn from the FLW project
[09:24:32] Carrie Pennell: got them non-profit status
[09:25:12] Ina Centaur: well, i think Primtings could potentially network with many RL org's -- pretty much all the art museums out there, either as a partner or a third party service of sorts.
[09:25:33] Ina Centaur: minimally, it'd add a bit of that new media zazz to an ageold classic.
[09:25:44] Bill Edenflower: what is the current visitor count, do you have any idea?
[09:25:56] Ina Centaur: carrie - is that the FLW museum on SL?
[09:26:02] Carrie Pennell: Yes, Ina.
[09:26:55] Ina Centaur: visitor count, well, being SL, that's not usually the defining factor. trend - SL sims are deserted by nature. when there's too many people, lag occurs and it becomes a horrible experience
[09:27:16] Ina Centaur: the official count probably compares to a reasonably successful smalltown museum
[09:27:24] Rusalka Writer: I'm having so much trouble with the regular viewer with lag I'm here on a mesh release candidate.
[09:27:50] Rusalka Writer: So should we seek a tie with a large modern art museum somewhere?
[09:28:05] Bill Edenflower: ok, then why not build up the membership in very simple ways
[09:28:05] Ina Centaur: that's definitely a possibility - networking with other museums
[09:28:05] Carrie Pennell: ICA...Boston?
[09:28:21] Rusalka Writer: MOMA, something.
[09:28:29] Rusalka Writer: Afraid there isn't one on Kauai...
[09:28:39] Ina Centaur: the goal is to eventually be able to not have to hold these crazy fundraisers every 6 months. and maybe even turn primtings into a real museum!! (hopefully more realistic than pinnochio!)
[09:29:13] Ina Centaur: well, the good part about grantwriting is that you can write from anywhere. background in the arts helps!
[09:29:27] Rusalka Writer: So how do we get more people through? Connect with another SL community?
[09:29:27] Dage Yven: Other worlds 3D - non best
[09:29:27] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): Other 3D worlds - non-best
[09:29:34] Wildstar Beaumont: it is a real museum, Ina ... in a virtual space but very much real
[09:29:37] Bill Edenflower: ok, i have a peasant mentality i think so i tend to be simplistic but may i just suggest something else?
[09:29:41] Wildstar Beaumont: "a museum in the cloud" ;)
[09:29:48] Ina Centaur: speaking of which, admittedly, my background is not in the arts. physicist by training, artist/programmer (web developer) by profession.
[09:29:58] Rusalka Writer: Suggest away.
[09:30:14] Ina Centaur: well, what i mean is... wouldn't it be insanely awesome if primtings museum were built in RL?
[09:30:22] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:30:39] Bill Edenflower: well, untill there are large numbers i dont' think a grant will be likely
[09:30:39] Carrie Pennell: least an example of what is done here
[09:30:41] Ina Centaur: that's my hubris getting the best of me. it's a museum blocked out by megaprims in attempt to keep to prim count.
[09:30:59] Rusalka Writer: Mesh will bring 64m prims.
[09:31:05] Bill Edenflower: and since that's not possible here as you pointed out
[09:31:09] Carrie Pennell: Well, Bill...though SL art has been getting some national play
[09:31:15] Carrie Pennell: in the press
[09:31:29] Rusalka Writer: It needs to be SL art, though, not copies of RL art.
[09:31:34] Bill Edenflower: why not take Primtings to the people via the media?
[09:31:50] Ina Centaur: carrie, bill - the unfortunate thing in RL is that the RL press seems only interested in scandalous news on SL
[09:32:01] Rusalka Writer: Right.
[09:32:07] Bill Edenflower: developing the same sort of videos linden does to show how to do things
[09:32:09] Carrie Pennell: Who was the NYTimes reporter that did the piece on Filthy Fluno in the times
[09:32:46] Bill Edenflower: only instead of showing how to do things, showing the wonders of art a la Leonard Bernstein in the 60s
[09:32:54] Dage Yven: I'm working theme "Theory of super string as super geometry" for Art - phisics, nano-convention, for exemple is too the art.
[09:32:55] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): I'm working theme "Theory of super as super string geometry" for Art - phisics, nano-convention, for exempla is the art too.
[09:33:07] Ina Centaur: also, RL press seems unable to understand SL. then again your typical RL person probably logs into SL, the total "open endedness" blows their mind, and they go away complaining there's "nothing to do on SL"... it's unlike your typical mmo, where there's a quest or monsters to kill
[09:33:39] Bill Edenflower: i think we need to get sl people involved before worrying about anything else
[09:33:42] Carrie Pennell: I think SL will always have the greatest appeal for those people with...rampant imaginations?
[09:33:56] Bill Edenflower: and vidoe may be the best way
[09:34:05] Carrie Pennell: but there's lots of art here ...that is not done in RL
[09:34:06] Bill Edenflower: video sory
[09:34:08] Carrie Pennell: by serious people
[09:34:12] Rusalka Writer: Rampant imaginations and cash.
[09:34:13] Wildstar Beaumont: /me agrees about videos
[09:34:29] Carrie Pennell: videos are good
[09:34:32] Ina Centaur: i think that it'd be easiest to reach those who are already in SL. reaching others beyond is definitely good, too, but it'd ideally be supported by RL
[09:34:53] Dage Yven: video in youtube - many more people
[09:35:07] Melusina Parkin: what aboutinviting rl journalist here and showing them it?
[09:35:07] Ina Centaur: yup
[09:35:12] Bill Edenflower: and videos that people will want to watch
[09:35:19] Carrie Pennell: I was thinking that, Melusina.
[09:35:31] Ina Centaur: yup, inviting rl journalists and giving them a personal tour is another way. but there's the danger of RL readers reading the article then getting lost in here..
[09:35:37] Bill Edenflower: combining media in ways that are enticing
[09:35:39] Rusalka Writer: There's already a big machinima community.
[09:35:43] Melusina Parkin: if they come by themselves they get lost in sl
[09:35:52] Ina Centaur: in which case, it'd be nice to have some sort of volunteer-run greeting group
[09:35:59] Wildstar Beaumont: there is only one real way to get RL support ... ads
[09:36:05] Rusalka Writer: We need to find the artists, give them space, and let them create.
[09:36:08] Wildstar Beaumont: have google bring adSense in SL ?
[09:36:20] Ina Centaur: ads are typically the worst way to run a company...
[09:36:35] Dage Yven: to jest problem - nie ka?dy cz?owiek chce bra? avatara, nie chce by? avatarem
[09:36:36] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): This is the problem - not everyone wants to be an avatar, the avatar does not want to be
[09:36:37] Bill Edenflower: there are lots of musicians looking for a venue
[09:36:47] Ina Centaur: they're usually funded by vc's, angel's and such with ads being a temporary source of funds
[09:36:48] Carrie Pennell: Funny,, Dage
[09:36:50] Bill Edenflower: there are lots of poets looking for a venue
[09:37:09] Bill Edenflower: that combined with art could be quite interesting
[09:37:13] Rusalka Writer: A weekly musical event. Poetry, new artist builds.
[09:37:15] Ina Centaur: wildstar - adsense in SL... i'll leave that to you lol
[09:37:22] Wildstar Beaumont: hehe
[09:37:35] Dage Yven: ok.
[09:37:36] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): ca
[09:37:44] Ina Centaur: definitely, if you can network with the writing groups - primtings is open for anyone to hold events in
[09:38:31] Rusalka Writer: Set out a big platform, have a theme, let people build on the theme, then have a musician come in for the opening, leave the displays up for a week, start over.
[09:38:48] Dage Yven: nie umiem organizowa? imprez artystycznych - mam na SL tylko w?asne atelier :)
[09:38:48] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): I can not organize artistic events - I only own atelier SL:)
[09:39:01] Ina Centaur: yes, that would be fun - would you be up for organizing such an event? createapoloza
[09:39:12] Dage Yven: haha
[09:39:21] Ina Centaur: and i think dage just volunteered to be participant #1!
[09:39:27] Dage Yven: and sex-set
[09:39:27] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:39:42] Rusalka Writer: I'm having some RL disasters myself at the moment. Not sure when I might have to get on a plane.
[09:40:04] Rusalka Writer: But it would bring people in. Make it a destination.
[09:40:06] Ina Centaur: well, we have several neat ideas discussed so far
[09:40:15] Ina Centaur: just need the people to make them happen..
[09:40:29] Rusalka Writer: Trying to get word out is tricky in SL.
[09:40:57] Ina Centaur: yup.. and you all know the current way primtings does that right? ;-)
[09:40:57] Dage Yven: ze sztuk? jest teraz bardzo trudno w ca?y ?wiecie
[09:40:58] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): the art is now very difficult in the whole world
[09:41:01] Rusalka Writer: Maybe Prim Perfect. They can reach the design community.
[09:41:14] Carrie Pennell: ...and everyone else as well
[09:41:15] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:41:27] Carrie Pennell: I get more email from them...
[09:41:30] Ina Centaur: (incidentally - going to move us all to the boardroom where i had the agenda in a notecard prim... not rezzing at this distance)
[09:42:04] Bill Edenflower: astonishing
[09:42:08] Carrie Pennell: really
[09:42:09] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:42:12] Melusina Parkin: eriile
[09:42:15] Carrie Pennell: wish I could do that in RL
[09:42:17] Dage Yven: musi by? pote?na grupa interesu - najpierw
[09:42:18] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): must be a powerful interest group - first
[09:42:49] Dage Yven: a potem mened?ment
[09:42:50] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): then mened?ment
[09:42:57] Rusalka Writer: Ah, I found us.
[09:43:02] Ina Centaur: nothing like a bit of that SLonly movement magic every now and then ;)
[09:43:03] Dage Yven: managment
[09:43:03] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): Management
[09:43:10] Ina Centaur: so anyway welcome to the "board room"
[09:43:17] Ina Centaur: rarely used since no one seems able to find it..
[09:43:18] Bill Edenflower: ha ha i can't even move a chair right
[09:43:24] Ina Centaur: but i think most of us who should be here have arrived by now
[09:43:53] Ina Centaur: so anyway...
[09:44:03] Ina Centaur: good ideas discussed so far...
[09:44:15] Ina Centaur: as with most SL movements, it's like a giant unconference, anyone can make anything happen
[09:44:21] Dage Yven: jak to zrobi??
[09:44:22] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): how?
[09:44:32] Dage Yven: to jest pytanie
[09:44:33] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): This is the question
[09:44:35] Ina Centaur: so if you're into an idea discussed and want to make it work. go for it. i'll try to help where i can, but i'd rather not be the main organizer (time cnostraints)
[09:44:55] Ina Centaur: what i can definitely provide is help on any web/scripting items/builds/art
[09:44:56] Rusalka Writer: There's the real problem with SL -- RL.
[09:45:14] Carrie Pennell: What about fnding...
[09:45:18] Ina Centaur: yup, RL... i was lucky enough to spend an entire year dedicated 100% to SL...
[09:45:22] Carrie Pennell: a very organized executive director
[09:45:23] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:45:30] Carrie Pennell: someone who would not be the museum director
[09:45:34] Carrie Pennell: but the board director
[09:45:39] Ina Centaur: my "year of seclusion"... this insane social experiment locking myself up in a room to create, create, and create with SL as my only means of communication with anyone other than myself
[09:45:43] Rusalka Writer: That's what we need. An enthusiatic noob!
[09:45:57] Ina Centaur: yes we do need more official board roles
[09:46:19] Ina Centaur: hey! i wasn't quite a noob when i made that yearofseclusion mistake!! xD
[09:46:27] Rusalka Writer: Ha!
[09:46:27] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:46:34] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[09:46:42] Carrie Pennell: yeah..but according to your odn't sleep
[09:46:43] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:46:50] Carrie Pennell: that makes two lives possible
[09:46:52] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:46:58] Rusalka Writer: I usually only come inworld these days for the Monday morning mesh meeting.
[09:47:10] Ina Centaur: it was just.. i guess i was still too naive then - i wanted to be able to create unbounded... but i think i wasted more time with SL crashing, prim drift, and other SL borkedness than i would have had i stayed in the "real world" and dealt with everyday drama
[09:47:10] Rusalka Writer: I've always spent more time with Blender than SL.
[09:47:26] Dage Yven: pracownia artystyczna w RL kosztuje bardzo du?o - tu w SL jest bardzo tanio mie? w?asne atelier
[09:47:28] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): studio in the RL costs a lot - here in SL is very cheap to have your own studio
[09:47:42] Rusalka Writer: Try InWorldz-- epic cheap.
[09:47:54] Bill Edenflower: pardon my ignorance but what is blender?
[09:47:54] Ina Centaur: well, if you stick to a 512m2 parcel..
[09:48:02] Carrie Pennell: software
[09:48:03] Carrie Pennell: 3D
[09:48:09] Ina Centaur: inworldz and opensim are possibilities, but ideally primtings might be able to stay...
[09:48:10] Bill Edenflower: ah
[09:48:10] Rusalka Writer: Blender is a 3D modeling package.
[09:48:13] Ina Centaur: ... on SL
[09:48:26] Rusalka Writer: I use it for mesh and sculpties, but it will do animation, too.
[09:48:38] Rusalka Writer: And it's free, but a beast to learn.
[09:48:38] Ina Centaur: yes blender is an opensource 3d creation software
[09:48:39] Dage Yven: na OpenSim jest ma?o ludzi
[09:48:40] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): OpenSim is the little people
[09:49:07] Wildstar Beaumont: maybe the idea of eventually having branch offices on alternate grids is not bad, Ina
[09:49:22] Rusalka Writer: I have a branch shop in InWorldz.
[09:49:31] Carrie Pennell: with your permission...
[09:49:34] Rusalka Writer: 45,000 prims on a sim for $75 a month?
[09:49:43] Carrie Pennell: i'm going to ask Rosalie Oldrich if she'd like to get involved
[09:49:48] Carrie Pennell: look at her profile
[09:50:01] Dage Yven: very good sim
[09:50:23] Melusina Parkin: since a while i've a store in Avination... rely on me for a link to that grid, if you like
[09:50:24] Bill Edenflower: how on earth do you get so many prims for so little?
[09:50:30] Rusalka Writer: What about asking all the great sim creators to do presentation areas here?
[09:50:47] Rusalka Writer: I'm not sure how InWorldz is doing it, but I love it.
[09:51:06] Ina Centaur: carrie - sure.. and yes, please do reach out to those whom you think can help!
[09:51:11] Carrie Pennell: okay
[09:51:12] Dage Yven: trudne pytanie?
[09:51:12] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): tough question?
[09:51:17] Carrie Pennell: got a journalist in mind, also
[09:51:18] Rusalka Writer: We could have a hub here, where people could visit some of the remarkable builds.
[09:51:41] Ina Centaur: yup! need people to run them though..
[09:51:48] Carrie Pennell: of course
[09:51:49] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:52:02] Carrie Pennell: one of them does journalism in RL and SL
[09:52:03] Ina Centaur: inworldz has paid staff running those events afaik
[09:52:29] Ina Centaur: so, in the long term, it'd be nice if primtings has a budget for such staf.. beyond just paying that exorbitant sim tier
[09:52:33] Rusalka Writer: What if we had a photo wall of pictures of the best sims, and you could TP off that, making the museum a hub for SL tourism?
[09:52:48] Carrie Pennell: tourism
[09:52:50] Carrie Pennell: I like it
[09:52:51] Rusalka Writer: Right.
[09:53:00] Dage Yven: haha
[09:53:09] Rusalka Writer: I did something similar for the SL birthday, and it was hard to find places.
[09:53:15] Dage Yven: art tourism
[09:53:16] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): Article tourism
[09:53:19] Ina Centaur: that's another idea, although there are several SL tour companies... again, time required, although if anyone is up for curating that, i have the scripted system somewhere alreaady
[09:53:45] Rusalka Writer: I have a ton of pictures.
[09:53:55] Ina Centaur: there's an art galleries of SL network, but that one is heavily saturated with way too many galleries, most of which are just stolen pics on prims
[09:54:03] Carrie Pennell: an...encyclopedia of great art sims
[09:54:05] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:54:11] Rusalka Writer: Right.
[09:54:13] Carrie Pennell: I find the art galleries network hard to use
[09:54:18] Ina Centaur: such a directory needs a discerning editor. read: arts noob with lots of time lol
[09:54:25] Ina Centaur: mm * edit: arts SL noob with lots of time
[09:54:28] Dage Yven: du?o narusze? prawa autorskiego
[09:54:28] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): a lot of copyright violations
[09:54:31] Carrie Pennell: Aurel Miles
[09:54:32] Rusalka Writer: So if you just want to spend some time in SL seeing amazing things, you'd just come here first.
[09:54:41] Dage Yven: udawanie bycia artyst?
[09:54:41] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): pretending to be an artist
[09:54:46] Carrie Pennell: knows many great SL artists
[09:54:50] Carrie Pennell: has written on them
[09:54:51] Bill Edenflower: i am afraid i can't be of much help until May but from May to August i would be glad to help out whereever possible
[09:54:51] Carrie Pennell: journalist
[09:54:57] Ina Centaur: i think that really goes with the spirit of primtings and things like that - at its core, to inspire and give wonder to the bearer
[09:55:16] Carrie Pennell: Write that down Ina
[09:55:17] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:55:23] Carrie Pennell: a great sentance
[09:55:30] Carrie Pennell: sentence
[09:55:36] Rusalka Writer: It's difficult to come into SL if you don't know anything but just want to see great builds. How does that person find a Cuscus or an Alpha Point?
[09:56:09] Dage Yven: and psycical mirror
[09:56:16] Rusalka Writer: Or a Mexico City or an Insilico.
[09:56:23] Dage Yven: haha
[09:56:49] Melusina Parkin: maybe smaller places are more interesting...
[09:56:54] Rusalka Writer: It could grow and expand and change, there could be a Sim of the Week, whatever.
[09:56:58] Ina Centaur: carrie, i should hope that's an intrinsic part of the museum! people drop by and naturally experience that without having to read a silly mission statement!
[09:57:08] Ina Centaur: (read: we're like disney, but not like disney)
[09:57:23] Rusalka Writer: There could be whole sim builds, smaller places, whatever's great.
[09:57:29] Carrie Pennell: It is Ina...but it also makes a great mission statement
[09:57:30] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:57:34] Rusalka Writer: AM Radio could have his own wall...
[09:57:41] Carrie Pennell: AM Radio..
[09:57:45] Carrie Pennell: should have his own WORLD
[09:57:46] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[09:57:57] Carrie Pennell: and I wlll go and live in it
[09:58:04] Bill Edenflower: oh, sorry to intrude but may i make another suggestion on a minor point?
[09:58:05] Melusina Parkin: well, i've a quite big collection of LMs and pics of Art Deco places in SL,,, if it can be useful...
[09:58:16] Rusalka Writer: Sure.
[09:58:18] Melusina Parkin: they are in my Flickr
[09:58:23] Dage Yven: tak - to jest pi?kne, mie? w?asny ?wiat
[09:58:24] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): yes - it is beautiful, to have your own world
[09:58:55] Bill Edenflower: all of this is great but the rent will have to be paid, i noticed in walking about all the references to the 2010 campaign
[09:59:12] Bill Edenflower: could that be updated so we get people into a 20111 campaign/
[09:59:16] Bill Edenflower: 2011 sorry
[09:59:26] Rusalka Writer: A creative build hub would be like sharing years of experience with your fellow avatar. All the gems you've found.
[09:59:41] Carrie Pennell: Bill has a good point.
[09:59:55] Rusalka Writer: Definitely.
[10:00:07] Ina Centaur: (speaking of which, here's the original agenda)
[10:00:17] Ina Centaur: we've covered quite a bit of item 4
[10:00:20] Bill Edenflower: ok
[10:00:36] Ina Centaur: item 2 and 3 are the uberpractical ones
[10:00:46] Avril Vallejo: sorry...crashed
[10:00:53] Wildstar Beaumont: welcome back :)
[10:01:01] Ina Centaur: (scrolling up a bit - and yes, am radio would love to have his own world. can we try to raise sim tier to create an am radio sim?)
[10:01:01] Avril Vallejo: ty
[10:01:12] Ina Centaur: incidentally, the word primtings was coined by am radio.
[10:01:24] Carrie Pennell: I wondered where it came from.
[10:01:28] Ina Centaur: ages ago.. back when he was still lowkey and hiding in ibm sandbox skyboxes
[10:01:31] Dage Yven: Very thank you - this meeting - bay
[10:01:31] Dage Yven (Q-Translator pl->en): Very thank you - this meeting - Bay
[10:01:35] Ina Centaur: he created these 'prim'd paintings"
[10:01:45] Carrie Pennell: Bye Dage
[10:01:46] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[10:01:53] Melusina Parkin: bye Dage :)
[10:02:29] Ina Centaur: well, that was a good open-brainstorming session..
[10:02:48] Rusalka Writer: Very.
[10:02:57] Ina Centaur: but, right now though, we have this to worry about:
[10:02:58] Ina Centaur: 2. Upcoming Sim Tier Drive a. New Tier Price - With LL?s grid-wide discontinuation of the 50% nonprofit discount, sim tier is now $295/month. b. 6 month in advance? - Uncertainty on whether without the discount, with the regular price being charged, sim tier wouldn?t have to be paid 6 months in advance. Chance still possible that $295 x 6 must be raised.
[10:03:13] Ina Centaur: (dropped everyone a notecard - IM if you didn't get one)
[10:03:30] Melusina Parkin: i did, ty :)
[10:03:36] Rusalka Writer: Argh... Why did they drop the discount? Morons.
[10:03:45] Avril Vallejo: /me gets
[10:03:58] Carrie Pennell: Linden has money problems
[10:03:59] Wildstar Beaumont: another notecard after the agenda ?
[10:04:05] Carrie Pennell: like everyone else
[10:04:18] Carrie Pennell: Nearly killed the library presence
[10:04:33] Bill Edenflower: that $295 is $ US?
[10:04:41] Ina Centaur: yup. :-(
[10:04:46] Rusalka Writer: Yeah, I'm a library volunteer. We're picking up the slack from a staff reduction now.
[10:04:46] Carrie Pennell: bleh
[10:04:46] Wildstar Beaumont: tier is like taxes .. you raise taxes you kill the economy .. you make less money
[10:04:50] Avril Vallejo: raise tier for non profit origanizations is not the best idea
[10:05:03] Ina Centaur: the good news is that we were able to raise half that amount x 6 for the past year via pCampaign
[10:05:16] Rusalka Writer: Good.
[10:05:24] Wildstar Beaumont: you mean there is 3 months left from last year ?
[10:05:43] Ina Centaur: oh btw that's LL needs money LL is massively disorganized. i've had an open support ticket for ages "month-to-month tier for nonprofits in 2011"
[10:06:07] Ina Centaur: right now, npo/edu pays 6 month or 12 in advance, but that's only because it's through a specialorder system with the 50% discount
[10:06:22] Rusalka Writer: It took me three months to get the mesh team to notice a problem I was having, and they heard it from me every Monday.
[10:06:40] Ina Centaur: now that they've discontinued it in 2011, well, it'd only make sense if the few npo/edu's able to stay on can pay month-to-month
[10:07:38] Ina Centaur: well, the sims were registered on 2/20/2008
[10:07:47] Ina Centaur: there's a 1 month grace period after that
[10:07:54] Ina Centaur: and an additional month if you use a credit card
[10:08:01] Carrie Pennell: I must teenagers have arrived home
[10:08:02] Carrie Pennell: ;-)
[10:08:06] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[10:08:17] Bill Edenflower: bye Carrie
[10:08:17] Ina Centaur: and she leaves just when things get hot ;)
[10:08:18] Avril Vallejo: /me must go too... sim sl problems at home
[10:08:26] Avril Vallejo: nice meeting
[10:08:26] Carrie Pennell: I'll be back to you all
[10:08:34] Rusalka Writer: Cheers all.
[10:08:34] Avril Vallejo: /me waves
[10:08:41] Bill Edenflower: bye Avril
[10:08:53] Bill Edenflower: my goodness
[10:08:56] Ina Centaur: tc..
[10:09:09] Ina Centaur: so anyway back to this... we can hold another donation campaign like last time and the time before...
[10:09:21] Rusalka Writer: Thought of a name for a teleport hub to worthy builds... The Great Room.
[10:09:52] Ina Centaur: except there are usually a few who think we can "do better than ask SL'ers for donation" ... i don't see a way out of that unless we have RL financial networking, maybe, say as an extended experience to an RL museum...
[10:09:55] Ina Centaur: ... or RL grants
[10:10:19] Rusalka Writer: We need a grad student in museum studies looking for a unique project.
[10:10:31] Melusina Parkin: did you contact any RL museum, Ina?
[10:10:33] Ina Centaur: yes! we need grad students! and undergrad minions!! xD
[10:10:36] Bill Edenflower: i think if SL folks donate they feel a part of it
[10:10:45] Rusalka Writer: What universities teach museum studies? I took a graduate course in it, but it was a fluke in film school.
[10:10:54] Ina Centaur: well i don't know of any RL museums.. that's the thing, i'm not very well connected in the arts in RL
[10:12:08] Ina Centaur: well, it could be library studies as well
[10:12:13] Melusina Parkin: i know some museums directors, but.... cultural institution are in hard pain, in my country atm...
[10:12:16] Rusalka Writer: Sure.
[10:12:19] Ina Centaur: more schools with lib studies programs
[10:12:36] Rusalka Writer: Grad students are already broke and overworked. It would be perfect.
[10:12:54] Ina Centaur: it gives them the new media edge to their thesis... not sure if that's still popular these days
[10:13:01] Rusalka Writer: Offer them a display space in exchange for work. A place they can curate independently.
[10:13:24] Rusalka Writer: Who's the guy who was running SL Harlem?
[10:13:33] Rusalka Writer: He had a class full of students on that build.
[10:14:02] Ina Centaur: i think there are a couple of those.. one of them was a long term extension to primtings, if we could expand to a second sim
[10:14:06] Rusalka Writer: Virtual Harlem.
[10:14:21] Ina Centaur: hmm maybe not that one.. but there was another group creating SL interps of RL graffiti and streetart
[10:15:00] Wildstar Beaumont: Ina ,, some months ago I sent you the link to a "journal of virtual education" did you have a look at that ?
[10:15:33] Ina Centaur: there are several such publications, but the prob is i don't have the time to write a paper
[10:16:00] Bill Edenflower: oh, my, i have a small idea
[10:16:10] Ina Centaur: moreover, i've put together so many presentations to these edu audiences - it's amazing how penurious they are. they expect the globe and primtings and all to be free... even if their students are paying like US$500/unit for their 4 unit course
[10:16:34] Rusalka Writer: Yes, Bill?
[10:17:01] Ina Centaur: .. which is why i'm tending to think we might be able to get curating volunteer work from .edu, but funding? meh...
[10:17:02] Bill Edenflower: Ina, would you consider the San Francisco Academy of Art? they are very aggressie
[10:17:14] Ina Centaur: yes, sure
[10:17:18] Bill Edenflower: aggressive, sorry
[10:17:29] Rusalka Writer: Perfect link. SF, art, aggressive...
[10:17:31] Ina Centaur: we basically just need someone to mediate the contact and make the entire thing go smoothly
[10:17:36] Bill Edenflower: they might just be interested in something like this
[10:17:55] Ina Centaur: well, if you can make it work out...
[10:18:09] Rusalka Writer: I picture an art installation with a Mac and a common avatar that museum visitors could navigate.
[10:18:49] Ina Centaur: LOL if we could get apple to support us
[10:18:49] Bill Edenflower: i would but i don't know enough bout Prmtings to be comfortable, i think a straight forward simple email would do it
[10:18:51] Rusalka Writer: I'm good at spending other people's money.
[10:18:59] Ina Centaur: haha yeah right apple supporting something as borked as SL. stevie would cry
[10:19:06] Rusalka Writer: Apple should be nice to me. I'm a shareholder.
[10:19:17] Ina Centaur: well, i know for sure sf arts has lots of equipment. for demo's, makes sense to just use what they have
[10:19:31] Rusalka Writer: Could be a win-win.
[10:19:34] Ina Centaur: rusalka... maybe it's time to use a bit of that shareholder pwnzors ;)
[10:19:40] Bill Edenflower: i really only know them from billboards
[10:19:48] Rusalka Writer: I think I own one one-millionth of the company!
[10:19:59] Ina Centaur: hey that lets you into their shareholder meetings!!
[10:20:13] Rusalka Writer: I need to open those annual reports.
[10:20:22] Ina Centaur: speaking of which... ipad in june and iphone 5 in xmas?
[10:20:40] Rusalka Writer: I just want my Verizon iPhone ASAP.
[10:20:48] Bill Edenflower: Rusalka, right now apple is riding high but Microsoft is axious to catchup
[10:20:51] Ina Centaur: verizon iphone's already out xD
[10:21:02] Rusalka Writer: Microsoft is so far out of that race.
[10:21:10] Bill Edenflower: would it be possible they would be more interested for that very reason
[10:21:18] Rusalka Writer: Apple is the largest cap company in the US.
[10:21:23] Bill Edenflower: Microsoft is chafing i suspect
[10:21:42] Rusalka Writer: Apple doesn't even hold any corporate debt.
[10:22:02] Ina Centaur: wow
[10:22:08] Wildstar Beaumont: well .. MS just won an OPA on Nokia without spending a dollar
[10:22:10] Bill Edenflower: apple can collapse in short order if Jobs doesn't return
[10:22:27] Rusalka Writer: I like bugging the mesh meeting PC people (everybody else) since my MacBook is the only machine that can see all the new avatars.
[10:22:28] Ina Centaur: apple doesn't hold any debt... superb for a tech company
[10:22:44] Melusina Parkin: sorry, i have to go...
[10:22:55] Rusalka Writer: Last time Jobs was out the stock rose 78% under Cook. I'm not too worried.
[10:22:56] Bill Edenflower: bye Melusina
[10:23:00] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[10:23:08] Melusina Parkin: ty for the amazing meeting
[10:23:11] Wildstar Beaumont: bye Melusina
[10:23:15] Rusalka Writer: Good stuff indeed.
[10:23:16] Melusina Parkin: bye everyone
[10:23:39] Ina Centaur: (tnx tc)
[10:23:56] Ina Centaur: well - if we could get corp support for this, that's even better
[10:24:15] Ina Centaur: but the prob is that Primtings is currently under LL. we could take this to opensim or unity/Flash on mobile
[10:24:28] Rusalka Writer: I'm going to collect some LMs for my favorite sims.
[10:24:30] Bill Edenflower: i suspect SF Academy might like this
[10:24:48] Ina Centaur: speaking of which i should probably whip together a Primtings app sooner than later. it's so easy to create for mobile with unity
[10:24:56] Rusalka Writer: I remember seeing the Academy when I was up there.
[10:25:13] Rusalka Writer: I'll buy that Ap.
[10:25:23] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[10:26:03] Bill Edenflower: i am really sorry but i have to go also, family obligations
[10:26:07] Rusalka Writer: So, are you going after the Academy, Bill?
[10:26:14] Ina Centaur: but anyway though.. getting back to the shortterm prob..
[10:26:26] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[10:26:35] Bill Edenflower: i think if Ina could write a short email it would do it
[10:26:47] Ina Centaur: and yup, bill, do you think you might be able to get the academy to pitch in a bit? ... i mean, their students pay like 250k in tuition... primtings tier is just 295 a month
[10:26:59] Bill Edenflower: but if you want i could try but i think you would be better
[10:27:06] Ina Centaur: hmm i'd need to know the angle - which dept, how best to pitch, etc
[10:27:08] Rusalka Writer: And send us an enthusiastic student.
[10:27:17] Bill Edenflower: ok, i will give it a try
[10:27:31] Bill Edenflower: i will let you know how it comes out
[10:27:44] Rusalka Writer: Some young media studies person.
[10:27:48] Ina Centaur: are we approaching them as something to integrate into their curriculum? an extracurricular thing? as a venue for students to create/contribute in ? (in which case, we may need more prim space.. n00bs and ubernnecessaryprimminess)
[10:28:15] Rusalka Writer: Tell them we'll have mesh.
[10:28:29] Bill Edenflower: oh gosh, that's the sort of thing i can't answer, that's why i suggest you should just drop them a note
[10:28:29] Rusalka Writer: Blender is free. They must have film studies and animation.
[10:28:41] Ina Centaur: well i can definitely set up a primtings opensim - but that takes the magic of the main grid out, and also, microdonation funding likely won't work beyond SL
[10:28:43] Bill Edenflower: i will find out who to contact or try to
[10:29:04] Bill Edenflower: ok, srry but really have to go
[10:29:09] Rusalka Writer: Aloha.
[10:29:13] Bill Edenflower: bye
[10:29:26] Wildstar Beaumont: Ina ... since most people had to leave, maybe we better wrap up and schedule another meetin in - say - a couple of week, with the funding campaign as main topic of the agenda
[10:29:47] Rusalka Writer: This time works for me, barring disaster.
[10:29:57] Rusalka Writer: My father is very ill, that's the disaster.
[10:30:30] Wildstar Beaumont: /me smiles sympathetically @ Rusalka
[10:30:55] Rusalka Writer: Mahalo. End-stage prostate cancer. I warn all men. When you get to forty, get your PSA checked.
[10:31:12] Wildstar Beaumont: :(
[10:31:17] Rusalka Writer: Yep.
[10:31:23] Ina Centaur: :(
[10:31:29] Ina Centaur: well, i suppose we ought to be wrapping up
[10:31:40] Rusalka Writer: He just sold his motorcycle yesterday.
[10:32:10] Ina Centaur: the other agenda items is that we do need more formalized roles. right now everyone's just a board member and i'm the default-do-everything-person ad litem..
[10:32:29] Rusalka Writer: I'm sure everyone will be willing to sign up for the fun jobs!
[10:32:56] Ina Centaur: lol - i hope so!
[10:33:17] Rusalka Writer: So, same time next week?
[10:34:03] Ina Centaur: ah... maybe!
[10:34:24] Rusalka Writer: Well, if anybody has any $$$ ideas, we'll send them along.
[10:34:57] Ina Centaur: lol
[10:35:06] Ina Centaur: or -
[10:35:09] Ina Centaur: if anyone has the time for things...
[10:35:24] Rusalka Writer: Right.
[10:35:44] Rusalka Writer: Maybe Bill will score us a student or two.
[10:36:01] Ina Centaur: or dept funding even!
[10:36:03] Ina Centaur: who knows...
[10:36:06] Rusalka Writer: Nice.
[10:36:17] Rusalka Writer: I have to scoot.
[10:36:26] Rusalka Writer: See everybody soon!
[10:36:37] Wildstar Beaumont: good bye Rusalka
[10:36:41] Rusalka Writer: Aloha!
[10:36:46] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[10:36:57] Ina Centaur: well, the meeting concludes!
[10:37:05] Ina Centaur: Centaur/eb6a9979-0f90-b48a-3bfe-83267640f07d captures this meeting
[10:37:07] Wildstar Beaumont: so it appears
[10:39:12] Wildstar Beaumont: that's a nice feature
[10:40:01] Ina Centaur: blog updated with links to these
[10:40:08] Ina Centaur: and well.. ttfn!
[10:40:31] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[10:40:43] Wildstar Beaumont: good bye for now ... see you soon

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